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Driving Theory Test Tuition for all abilities

tuition in the comfort of your home or you can come to us, or tutors available to book online

( and we promise  not a black board in sight)

We come to you with all visual aids and equipment the only thing you have to provide is YOURSELF

A Fun but effective way of teaching and all lessons adapted to the learners ability.

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Dyslexic Driving Theory Test Lessons

Students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties find they may struggle  when attempting the Driving Theory Test - 

We are here to help

Many dyslexic and students with learning difficulties unfortunately already have the fear of the word 'Test' which is usually the first major stumbling block.

Unlike many tests the Driving Theory Test  is not like an aptitude test where random questions and scenarios will appear.

All questions on the Diving Theory Test are based on the Highway Code and if this is information is studied the answers can be found.

What students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties find they may struggle with is when attempting the Theory Test.

  • Retaining Information learnt

  • How the questioned is phrased

  • The Spacing of the questions written

  • The color of the questions written

  • The pressure of answering in time

Driving Theory Test Theory Training can help towards you passing your Theory Test,we are here to help -Driving Theory Test tutors will guide you all the way

Using  visual images, aids and illustrations as aids we can adapt our teaching methods to work with your learning strategies

The most important aspect though is patience from the tutor and their in depth knowledge and understanding of the students learning strategies and attempting teaching methods accordingly.


 Driving Theory Test Tutor for Dyslexic students

My partner who has servea learning difficalties took his test on wednesday 11 may not only did he pass but passed both...

Posted by Sue Wylie on Saturday, 13 May 2017

Driving Theory Test Practice

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Tel:  07510 18 55 60

Email: admin@drivingtheorytestbishopauckland.org


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